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Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

>>Daft Punk „Random Access Memories”<<

Zdaję sobie sprawę, jaki „entuzjazm” wzbudza widok kolejnej recenzji „Random Access Memories”, szczególnie tyle czasu od momentu premiery czwartego długograja od Daft Punk, gdy powiedziano już niemal wszystko. No właśnie, „niemal”. Co umknęło krytykom tej płyty, to pewien detal, który wydaje mi się nieco zabawny – zdaje się, że do momentu wydania „Random Access Memories” główny zarzut pod adresem Daft Punk zasadzał się na tym, iż sample, na których zbudowali rozpoznawalne hity, są aż nadto wiernie skopiowane z oryginalnych piosenek, do tego stopnia, że aż wypada zadać pytanie o wkład własny. W momencie gdy uzbrojeni w robocie kaski Thomas Bangalter i Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo zaczęli rzeczywiście i autorsko komponować, ich ostatni longplay zebrał cięgi właśnie za songwriting. Oczywiście, nie ma co domagać się pochwał tylko za sam fakt, że Francuzi ze zbyt dosłownego cytowania przesiedli się na pisanie piosenek, ale czy one są jednak tak słabe, jak widzą to oponenci „RAM”? Spoglądam na listę utworów-kandydatów do zestawienia najlepszych kawałków za 2013 r. i odnajduję na niej trzy od Daft Punk, więc chyba nie jest tak źle? Powracając po czasie do ich ostatniego krążka rzuciło mi się w oczy, że piosenki znajdujące się w środku tracklisty odstają od reszty. Nadal jednak „Get Lucky”, „The Game Of Love”, „Give Life Back To Music”, „Contact”, „Giorgio By Moroder”, „Lose Yourself To Dance”, „Doin’ It Right”, „Instant Crush” i „Within” to dziewięć niezłych kawałków na trzynaście zebranych na „Random…”, które spokojnie można włączyć do kanonu Daft Punk.


Music Alliance Pact grudzień 2013

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Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 27-track compilation through Ge.tt here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
Cam BeszkinCucharita De Manual

We came across Cam Beszkin’s music when she was a member of Las Bailarinas Anarquistas, Mariana Bianchini’s solo band. This song is from Cam’s sophomore album Este Amor Ya No Es Para Tanto, in which her potent vocals adds up to a solid guitar and drum rock duet.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
House Of LaurenceJust Don’t Move Me

Let’s be real – if the industry was a caste system, psychedelic/prog music would sit on the lower rung. Thankfully, we don’t fear throwback in this country. We embrace it with open arms and wild, flailing John the Baptist hair. Just Don’t Move Me is the brand new track from Melbourne band House Of Laurence. If the image of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker in a white pressed suit, struttin’ (barefoot) down the Fremantle boardwalk makes your insides feel like goo then this is dedicated to you.

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig
Hella CometTinker Boat

The post-punk sound of four-piece Hella Comet calls for Sonic Youth comparisons, although their freshly-released second album Wild Honey, from which Tinker Boat is taken, is not afraid of pop either. Hella Comet were selected as one of 18 bands to represent this year’s focus country Austria at Europe’s most important music festival/conference Eurosonic.

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado
Castello BrancoNecessidade

Necessidade is taken from Castello Branco’s first album Serviço. It’s typical of the easygoing feeling he generates to make songs that speak directly to our souls.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts
Rebekah HiggsLoneliness

Rebekah Higgs’ new release Sha La La is shot through with the spirit of 60s girl groups minus the innocence and politeness of those times. Higgs gets down and dirty climbing Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound. She throws classic doo-wop pop down an echo chamber and what comes out the other end is a gauzy, hazy doo-wop/drone-rock hybrid that’s utterly compelling. Loneliness has never sounded better.

CHILE: Super 45
Ali B & The Mayan WarriorWorld Class Bouncing

Ali B is the latest winner of Nuevos Sonidos, a demo contest Super 45 has hosted since 1997. She is a rapper who sings in three languages and mixes rhythms from all over the world. Her songs are homemade, built around an MPC and samples taken directly from vinyl. The jury of Super 45 was mesmerized by her infectious flow. Past winners of the Nuevos Sonidos contest include Gepe, Protistas and Fernando Milagros.

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo
Laura y La Máquina De EscribirLaberinto

La Máquina De Escribir („The Typewriter”) is the project of Laura Torres, who has been involved in the world of music for more than two decades (since she was a little girl, obviously). From her piano, she recreates a world that reflects her feelings, which are evident in Laberinto, the track that gives its name to her 2013 album.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian
Sylvester LarsenThe End Of Dancing

In October, Sylvester Larsen released his fifth album (his second in English) The End Of Dancing, and here’s a MAP exclusive download of its great title track, which is reminiscent of soul and funk giants Stevie Wonder and Sly Stone. Also, check out the video for first single and album opener Stand Up.

Whitest Taino AlivePiel De Leather

We’ve chosen the newest sensation of Santo Domingo, just to see how the rest of the world reacts to its message. That is, if you can handle it. Full of non sequiturs only true Dominicans understand (or so we think), Whitest Taino Alive emerges as a futuristic hip-hop act that combines trap, trill, minimal electronic and naughtiness. Their debut EP Chopería Fina is out now and available for free.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria
Ricardo PitaCanción Para El Resto De Los Días

Modern, hopeful and nostalgic bohemianism – that sums up the single Canción Para El Resto De Los Días by Ricardo Pita, a songwriter born in the heart of Guayaquil’s independent music scene. A musician with a great album and a promising career, Ricardo Pita is a must-listen if you want a vision of contemporary Latin folk music.

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound
Lanterns On The LakeGreen And Gold (Generator Session)

From Sting and Prefab Sprout to Maxïmo Park and The Futureheads, the north-east of England has built a reputation for excellence, but it’s rare to uncover an act there, or anywhere, that’s as precious and heart-kickingly gorgeous as Lanterns On The Lake. They have elements of post-rock which make their tear-duct bothering sadness soar – not unlike the way Low construct epic melancholy. Their second album was recently released by Bella Union and it’s gorgeous. Watch the video of this live session track here.

Robin PahlmanGhosts

After relocating to Vienna via Seattle, Finnish songwriter Robin Pahlman has been working on a series of heartfelt acoustic folk home recordings that form his debut self-titled EP, recently released via Berlin-based label Monkey Records. Here is the inspiring single Ghosts.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda
The CallasEast Beat

Noisepop minimalism, raw garage melodies and kraut psychedelic elements meet to create the kaleidoscopic universe of The Callas’ album Am I Vertical? The group mix their experimental art and film background with an addiction to pop tunes to present a witty, truly impressive record that balances darkness and light, innocence and sin, joy and lust.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar
Andrew NaratamaPutar Haluanmu

Putar Haluanmu is a retrospective song about memories and all the beautiful moments the singer had during his childhood with friends. Andrew Naratama is also a member of KarnaTra, a rock band from Jakarta.

ITALY: Polaroid

There’s no easy way to describe electronic music, especially when the sound explores multiple paths and you are constantly finding yourself in new territory. Tempelhof is an electronic duo from the town of Mantova and I think they are true explorers more than simple musicians. IDM, shoegaze, house, ambient – everything comes to build the striking sound that you will find in their new album Frozen Dancers, out now on Hell Yeah Recordings.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies
Coffee And TVGuess What? Summer’s Arrived

It is one of the most factually incorrect song titles of the month, but Tokyo producer Coffee And TV conjures up the warm vibes of the summer on this track. He does so simply. With little manipulation, he finds a snippet of Hey Manhattan! by Prefab Sprout, loops it and milks it for all it’s worth. From this basic sonic material he manages to make an easy breezy song that’s good for any time of the year.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika
Chico SonidoNiñas Fresas feat. Camila Sodi

Los Angeles-based Mexican producer Chico Sonido has just released his debut album Nalga Bass, which is quite a gamechanger for electropical music. In a market overcrowded with underdeveloped SoundCloud tracks, Chico delivers a coherently mixed record that transmutes and pushes forward genres such as nu-cumbia, trap, tribal and reggaeton, with a twist of humour and naughtiness. They’re good for headphones (and twerking too!).

Daniel & The Dead End My Valentine

Daniel & The Dead End is the new project of Daniel Ruiz, the former Space Bee drummer. Having been abandoned by his band before recording, disillusioned and ready to rock, Daniel decided to do all the work himself, giving life to the first EP.

POLAND: Łukasz Kuśmierz Weblog
Armando SuzetteAdvent Mists

Armando Suzette is a Kraków-based band led by Mateusz Tondera. Their music, which combines a variety of genres and influences, is something unique in Poland and it’s impossible to describe it in one word. If you feel lost, Advent Mists is for you. As they sing: „Hope you have a real Christmas this time.”

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?
The Weatherman feat. Emmy CurlIt Took Me So Long

Alexandre Monteiro’s The Weatherman project has a new version of the single It Took Me So Long, taken from the latest album which will be released in Holland and Belgium in January. Emmy Curl, who was featured in the November 2010 edition of MAP, was invited to sing with Alexandre in the newer version of this track. Once again Alexandre confirms his high credentials as a composer, singer and creator of great pop songs. Mariana Lopes directed this great video.

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie
BuscabullaTu Loco Loco Y Yo Tranquilo

Buscabulla is one of Puerto Rico’s most promising emerging acts, a breath of fresh air in a musical climate that often struggles to bridge pop smarts with heartfelt and engaging music. Singer Raquel Berríos and her band conjure an intoxicating mix of classic cool with more forward-thinking flourishes on the group’s first single Tu Loco Loco Y Yo Tranquilo, a cover of master composer Tite Curet Alonso’s song made popular in 1969 by salsa legends Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound. Buscabulla’s debut EP is due in 2014 – it’s going to be a good year.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise
After WhatWho

After What is the side-project of the frontmen of two Romanian indie bands, The Amsterdams and The MOOod, both of whose influences are apparent – the music inherits the creativity of the former and the energy of the latter.


JP Reid is a familiar name in rock circles through his band Sucioperro as well as Marmaduke Duke, the side-project he shares with Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil. JP Reid’s new venture Medals, however, is arguably his most appealing. Debut album Disguises is an honest, pop-focused body of work and its title track stands out as a refreshingly unapologetic crowd-pleaser that you’ll likely play again and again.

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie
Glen CheckPacific

Glen Check have been around since 2011 and already made quite a name for themselves at home. With a fanbase growing abroad, the duo is taking their rock and electronica sound to SXSW in 2014. The infectious electro-pop tune Pacific is the lead track off the band’s recently-released second album Youth!

SPAIN: Musikorner
Tiger Menja ZebraCom Començar Una Guerra

Tiger Menja Zebra was born from the ashes of Camping, a Catalan post-rock band that achieved great success in the past decade. With this new project, while sticking to the post-rock genre, they haven’t given up on pushing their boundaries.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You
Está VivoHow Strange feat. Steffaloo

Está Vivo perfectly titled his newest offering, How Strange. It certainly is strange, yet extremely alluring due to a fascinating mixture of robot-esque male vocals and whimsical female vocals that take turns floating above churning electronics. Let the track simmer and it will certainly take hold as one of the more hypnotic listens of the year.

VENEZUELA: Música y Más
AspenAhora Ya

Aspen developed from the creative union between members of different bands. Influenced by the classic sound of British artists such as Badfinger and Oasis, their debut single boasts a slight psychedelic tinge. Aspen are one of the first bands on the roster of Macca Records, who also represent Los Paranoias.

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Armando Suzette

>>Armando Suzette „Calendar”<<

Jeśli nie Oxford, to co?” – tytuł programu telewizyjnego TVP z lat 90. wskoczył mi do głowy, gdy myślałem o najnowszej EP-ce Armando Suzette. Trochę prowokacyjnie (marketing, marketing), z góry, przyznaję się, ale jednocześnie przecież wiedziałem, z kim mam do czynienia i czego mogę się spodziewać po „Calendar”. Fakty potwierdziły przewidywania. Nie znam drugiego takiego kompozytora w Polsce jak Mateusz Tondera. Brzmienie, estetyka, teksty, aranżacje, w których partycypował już cały zespół Armando Suzette i wspomniany songwriting czynią z krakowskiego składu zjawisko na naszej scenie literalnie unikatowe. Zastosowanie zróżnicowanego metrum w obrębie pojedynczych utworów, repetycje linii melodycznych, rozmontowane granice pomiędzy odmiennymi gatunkami muzycznymi, narracja wokalna – połączenie tradycyjnego śpiewu z właściwie opowiadaniem, storytellingiem, przepastna barwa głosu Mateusza (od białej alternatywy po czarnych piosenkarzy), harmonie wokalne, niegłupi przekaz i humor sąsiadujący z powagą, ukryta przebojowość, ciepła, popowa produkcja – Armando Suzette to już nie jest jakiś tam lo-fi avant-pop dla muzycznych ekscentryków, ale profesjonalnie się prezentujący, domknięty koncepcyjnie projekt, który można bez obawy, a nawet z pewną dumą puścić swoim rodzicom. Nie uciekną.

Robotę wykonują tutaj kontrapunkty, jak choćby wtedy, gdy w stonowanym „All Hallows Eve” Tondera zupełnie poważnie podejmuje wątek przemijania, by utwór zwieńczyć radosną kodą „All and all we’re going to lie on the same cemetery and it makes me glad makes me smile / In this special novembery way…”. Wątek braku i odnalezienia w Świątecznym „Advent Mists” sąsiaduje na trackliście z zabawnym „Music School (Spring Dilemma)”, w którym podmiot liryczny tłumaczy swojej mamie, że zamiast lekcji w szkole muzycznej woli spędzić czas z przyjaciółmi i pojeździć na rowerze (sama konstrukcja kompozycji wywołuje uśmiech na twarzy, ale nie będę już tak do końca zdradzał szczegółów). Wśród inspiracji dla powstania „Calendar” zespół wymienił m.in. „Everything In Its Right Place” Radiohead i na dobrą sprawę nie wiem, czy gdy Tondera przeciągliwym, yorke’owym głosem wyśpiewuje w melancholijnym „September” słowo „Autumn”, znowu sobie nie żartuje. Zresztą z nawiązań słyszalnych na EP-ce można by natrzaskać kilka hashtagów, bo czy harmonia wokalna lidera Armando Suzette z Gosią Zielińską we wspomnianym „September” nie kojarzy się z Dirty Projectors? Z kolei wilsonowe organy w „Advent Mists” odsyłają nas wprost do „Pet Sounds”. Pięć, tak jak członków grupy, piosenek, przeszło kwadrans muzyki, cztery pory roku. Krakowscy artyści na swoim facebookowym fan page’u napisali „Cześć. Oto „Calendar”. Pracowaliśmy nad nim dwa lata. Trwa niewiele ponad 16 minut. Możemy obiecać tylko jedno – nie ma wypełniaczy”. Nie wiem, czy więcej w tym wpisie było puszczenia oka, czy asertywnej deklaracji, ale biorąc pod uwagę to drugie, mogę potwierdzić – nie ściemniali.

Music Alliance Pact listopad 2013

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Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 27-track compilation through Ge.tt here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
Onda VagaTataralí

Since their inception in 2008, Onda Vaga have avoided the steps that independent artists usually take in order to be a part of the music industry. It was a wise call. Thanks to word of mouth from a public that follows them whenever they perform, this folk-rock band have become a huge success, both locally and internationally (they made quite an impression at last year’s Fuji Rock Festival in Japan). Tataralí is the first single from their recently released third album, Magma Elemental.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
La Mancha NegraBelango Twist

It’s easy to imagine that Belango Twist might have been found inside a dusty shoebox containing a mix of rhythm and blues cassettes somewhere in the Deep South. Surprisingly that’s far from the case. Sydney swamp-rockers La Mancha Negra (which loosely translates from Spanish to „The Black Stain”) recently delivered their second album. Packed with blues ooze and reverberated hollers, Belango Twist is a tune that’s ideal for cruising… and smashing out a few letterboxes on the way.

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig
RobotraMorninglight 2

Don’t let the noisy, distorted lo-fi shell of Robotra songs trick you. This three-piece band from Graz and their pop melodies will catch your attention and make you want to sing along immediately. Morninglight 2 is taken from their full-length debut Tinker, which was mixed and mastered by Wolfgang Möstl (Mile Me Deaf, Sex Jams, Killed By 9V Batteries).

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado
Marcelo JeneciDe Graça

In Marcelo Jeneci’s new psychedelic/pop-influenced album, the single De Graça is one of the weirdest and greatest songs. Strong influences of the earliest works of Caetano Veloso and Arnaldo Antunes (with whom Jeneci still plays keyboard) can be easily heard, as well as Jeneci’s talent for making catchy melodies that create the kind of feeling when everything is just fine and you don’t worry about anything.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts
The Dirty NilNicotine

The Dirty Nil want to be your dealer, and Nicotine is their gateway drug of choice. Their brand of rock and roll knows no fear, takes no prisoners and shows no mercy. They’re brash, they’re crass and they’re gonna make you love them or die trying.

CHILE: Super 45
FármacosDespegarte De Mí

Among the new breed of bands helping to renew the Chilean music scene, Fármacos stand out just as much for the many nuances of their sound – in which nods to electronica and pop are present – as their innate ability to create dramatic melodies that are hard to get out of your head. Despegarte De Mí is taken from their 2013 debut album Los Días Más Largos, released through Beast Discos.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian
The LiquidHang On, To You. Stop!

A lauded and prize-winning poet, Nicolaj Stochholm chose poetry over punk back in the 1980s. In 2002 he again acquired a guitar, in 2010 he formed The Liquid, and on November 27 the trio debuts with the great post-punk album Atlas Interplan. It opens with Hang On, To You. Stop!, coming to you here as a MAP exclusive download.

Charles LavaigneThe Endless Traveller Song

What happens when a folk singer makes a merengue song? The answer can be heard on The Endless Traveller Song, extracted from Charles Lavaigne’s latest album The Birdfish. Amidst all the psychedelia and freak folk, this fun, melodious tune stands because it reaffirms Charles’ Dominican roots, often lost in translation and his own peculiar identity. Dance off, then hear the rest of the album if you’re into crazy musical rides.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria

The joining of two leading voices of two important local bands (Mamá Vudú and Can Can) gives life to this project that combines music and illustration. Mundos is the epicenter of talented musicians who bring their creativity and imagination into an album of 12 songs. Núcleos Activos Imaginarios is a good example of the evolution of Ecuadorian independent music, with Gorriones closing the album in a sublime way.

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee
Kali BriisWolfman

Kali Briis released new album Say Whaat? this month via the Eesti Pops label. From soul, funk and hip hop to blues, electro and pop, this 24-year-old producer feels comfortable in a wide range of genres and masters his instruments, all recorded in his own home. His 2012 album The Moon Ghost can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

Ritual SmokerWars (single edit)

Guided by blasting bass lines and rock-solid drumming, Helsinki-based band Ritual Smoker experiment with abrasive soundscapes of hypnotic effect. Wars is included in the band’s debut album Not To Dominate, But To Serve, out this month.

FRANCE: Yet You’re Fired
Belle Arché LouLumières Du Littoral

Belle Arché Lou is one of those bands that surprises you while digging through vinyl crates in a record store. An unknown but pretty name, an almost poetic feel running through your body while staring at the artwork, and the assurance that this record can be nothing but great. A three-man band hailing from Paris and Geneva, Belle Arché Lou write almost orchestral pieces with unusual instruments: a vibraphone, chimes and a glockenspiel, paired most of the time with an acoustic guitar. Their songs are gorgeous, delicate, happiness-inducing instrumentals.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda
Michalis MoschoutisActI

Primarily concerned with contrast, Michalis Moschoutis creates works that lie on the fringes of several genres: heavy processing and live electronics; restrained, unadorned improvisation that brings out the inherent primitivism and ritualism of music; cathartic dark metal; the plainness and intimacy of 16th-17th century lute works; and the subtle fluctuations of minimal drone music. His latest single was recorded inside old churches. Listen to the repetitive yet haunting acoustic melody of ActI and sink away into a dreamy cloud of harmonic beauty.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar
TamankotaCerita Pagi Hari Ini

Tamankota (which means „City Park”) is a band from Bandung influenced by the British indie-pop scenes of the 80s and 90s. Cerita Pagi Hari Ini („Story From This Morning”) is filled with raw sunshine power.

IRELAND: Harmless Noise

Chrysalis was released with a video ahead of Crayonsmith’s new album Milk Teeth and the title was a hint at the changes in sound. Previously a solo artist working with synths, samples and guitar, Crayonsmith are now a three-piece band. Simple in construction, it’s pinned to a driving, purposeful rhythm, as Ciaran Smith’s vocal beseeches the listener with endearing fragility. The pattern of melody that colours the wings as this track pulls itself free and beats away is mesmerising; light yet pensive, its transformative powers hint at the unfolding darkness still to come.

ITALY: Polaroid
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!Golden Age

A gigantic electric shock: this is the music of Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! on their second album Forever Young. Fast songs, loud noises, dramatic melodies. You could easily point out names like Sonic Youth or Wavves or Male Bonding or No Age. It doesn’t matter. It’s the sound of electricity that becomes art and poetry. Read the titles in the playlist: Forever Young, Golden Age, Whirlwind Weekend, Fearless Youth, Rage… this is all we need right now.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies
Boe OaknerCherenkov

In a very short amount of time, Nagano-based Boe Oakner has been making great strides in her musical development. The 17-year-old started this year making lovely instrumentals and now she is working her voice into her songs as well. Cherenkov is an ennui-tinged waltz, featuring kitchen-sink percussion, pretty bell chimes and natural sounds like a rainstorm.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika
Aarón BautistaIguana

Aarón Bautista has enjoyed a long career as a musician in some important bands from Mexico City’s underground scene. Now he’s going his own way with a solo project. His album doesn’t sound very similar to stuff we are used to hearing from Mexico City nowadays. Or maybe it does, but in a very twisted and personal way. The record has a precious, yet punk, attitude, filled with psychedelia, gloomy folk and beautiful production. It almost sounds like something to sing along to while feeling drunk and declining in the middle of whatever scene you might find sophisticated.


Arequipa is a small town in southern Peru, a place where fate strove to unite Gabriel Alvarez, Saul Piettro and Juan Arce, friends who then became Piettro. Their style is a coalescence of trova and crossover rock, and with each of their songs they want to convey a message of love, peace and respect. Piettro is preparing its first album to be released as soon as possible.

POLAND: Łukasz Kuśmierz Weblog

XXANAXX is a good example of how to bring together ambitious tunes and not-so-far-away-from-mainstream recognition. Although the band only formed in 2012, this year they have supported Austra and Hurts and played the Selector Festival, amassing a large number of fans in the process. No matter how you describe their music – nu beats or future chillout – one thing is certain, Got U Under is one of the greatest Polish tracks of 2013.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?
The GlockenwiseLeeches

One of the coolest new Portuguese rock bands, The Glockenwise released their second album in May, which has the same name as this month’s track (check out this fun video for it). They won’t disappoint those looking for energy and lots of jumping around, and you can tell they have listened to the fathers of this sound, from The Stooges to the Ramones.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise
Tony BaboonPinecones River

Tony Baboon is a tropical one man pop band, with jazz and trip hop influences. The music is made up of a diverse spectrum of carefully thought-out sounds and word combinations that deal with themes such as nature, animals, plants, philosophy, surrealism and utopia.

Call To MindA Family Sketch

Call To Mind are based in Glasgow but originally from Ardersier, a former fishing village near Inverness with a population of barely 1,000. The influence of the group’s upbringing is keenly felt in their music – song titles are sprinkled with Highland reference points, while their lush, smartly-crafted ambient pop paints truly idyllic imagery. At their majestic best, such as A Family Sketch, they give French darlings M83 a run for their money when it comes to atmospheric euphoria. Debut album The Winter Is White is due out in early 2014 through Olive Grove Records.

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie
VasslineOverture To Recomposition

Vassline has been one of the finest acts in Korea’s hardcore scene since it started. Six years after their third full-length, the band finally returned with Black Silence. It was well worth the wait, showing everyone that Vassline is still at the very top. The instrumental piece Overture To Recomposition features MAP alumni Jambinai with their unique use of traditional Korean instruments in part 1, before Vassline bring out the heavy guns in part 2.

SPAIN: Musikorner
Astro One DeepSinapsis

Astro One Deep is a young Galician, now resident in Barcelona. Taking in influences from hip hop and electronic music, he has spent a long time shut away in his bedroom preparing new offerings. Like the emotions he portrays, his style is dynamic and varied; it draws on multiple genres such as funk, jazz, urban and electronica.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You
KOGolden Gal

KO is the brainchild of Indianapolis singer/guitarist Kristin Newborn. She made a splash in early 2011 as frontwoman on the lone, underappreciated LP from indie-pop outfit Slothpop. Golden Gal finds her working within KO’s minimalist, two-piece framework, adding depth through layers of vocal loops. Newborn’s vocal prowess has earned her opportunities alongside professional symphonies, but the singular intimacy of KO proves equally intoxicating.

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>>St. Lucia „When The Night”<<

Jean-Phillip Grober otworzył mapę RPA, chwycił za pióro i zamknąwszy oczy, zaczął szukać. W momencie gdy ślepy traf padł na osadę św. Łucji, muzyk wiedział, że ma już nazwę dla swojego projektu. Znając dopracowaną w każdym detalu zawartość płyty „When The Night” i samowystarczalność Grobera, który na longplayu zagrał na prawie wszystkich instrumentach, można by pomyśleć, że był to jego moment kapitulacji – jedyny taki, kiedy po stronie pomysłów pulsowała na czerwono cyfra zero. Nic bardziej mylnego. „St. Lucia” była dopiero piątym wyborem, a urodzony w południowej Afryce artysta uznał, że idealnie pasuje do charakteru jego twórczości, który na tym etapie miał już zdefiniowany. Ta autentyczna historia pozwala naświetlić sposób myślenia oraz pracowania Jeana-Phillipa, gdzie synteza skrupulatnego DIY i szczypty spontaniczności (mózg St. Lucii przyznaje, że proces pisania piosenek uruchamia się u niego nagle, przy okazji, a nie wskutek metodycznego działania) daje tak fenomenalne efekty, jak w singlowym „Elevate”, entuzjastycznie zrecenzowanym przez jednego użytkownika YouTube’a: „This is like the perfect blend of Miami Sound Machine, Gloria Estefan and a Phil Collins „Sussudio” bassline. Best Coda I’ve ever heard. Everyone can go home, St. Lucia wins the Internet”. Ja po usłyszeniu „Elevate” pozwoliłem sobie zauważyć zaledwie, że jeśli kiedykolwiek znajdę się pod kroplówką, chcę, by podawano mi ten właśnie utwór.

Sam artysta daje nam wyraźne wskazówki, z miejsca zdobywając serca pewnego elektoratu popkultury – na Spotify umieścił kompilację „Elevate Playlist”, na której znajdziemy takich wykonawców jak m.in. Solange, Fleetwood Mac, Miguel, Sade, HAERTS, Toto, Paul Simon czy Empire Of The Sun. Popowość, bombastyczność, tropiki, eightiesy, syntezatory, saksofony i, jakby to ujął Borys Dejnarowicz, „sypanie diamentami po uszach” – to casus nie tylko utworu promującego debiutancki longplay St. Lucii, ale całej płyty, co-do-utworu. Z tracklistą „When The Night” możemy postąpić dokładnie tak, jak postąpił Grober z wyborem swojego aliasu. Może wypadnie nam Afropopowe „Wait For Love”, może natrafimy na klasycznie singlowe „Closer Than This” lub wzruszymy się przy „All Eyes On You”, pójdziemy w tany przy „September” czy zamykającym tracklistę utworze tytułowym. Co by to nie było, będzie wyśmienicie. Longplay „When The Night” to substytut szybkiej przejażdżki motorówką w letni wieczór. To rzecz dla tych, którzy ciepło myślą o płycie „Face Value” z 1981 r. To wreszcie spójny, wyrównany, bardzo dobry krążek, który w kończącym się powoli 12-miesięcznym rozdaniu stał się dla mnie jednym z najbliższych. Prawdę mówiąc, jak spoglądam na spotify’owe zdjęcie St. Lucii, jesteśmy do siebie całkiem podobni.


Polskie rozmaitości (8) – Nonsense & Absurd, XXANAXX

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Tym razem proponuję przyjrzeć się nowym tworom w biało-czerwonych barwach, choć akurat w przypadku tych projektów muzycznych odniesień należy szukać poza granicami Polski. Pierwszy to debiut tylko formalny i nieoczywisty – tego pana już dobrze znamy, ale trudno było przewidzieć, że jego studyjne solowe przedsięwzięcie przybierze formę obecną na mini albumie Nonsensu i Absurdu. Z kolei duet XXANAXX wkroczył na rodzimy rynek w stylu, który błyskawicznie przeniósł ich z pola „next big thing” na po prostu „big thing”.

Nonsense & Absurd „Random Composing Technique Manifesto”

Absurd NonsenseKolejny przykład na to, że najciekawsze rzeczy dzieją się zazwyczaj na obrzeżach muzycznego show businessu. Michał Hoffmann to przede wszystkim wokalista i autor tekstów zmieniającego się na naszych oczach Afro Kolektywu. Mniej już jednak osób wie, że jest on także pracownikiem Programu Trzeciego Polskiego Radia, co nie jest w przypadku opisywania „Random Composing Technique Manifesto” bez znaczenia. Można sobie wyobrazić, pomijając samo osłuchanie Hoffmanna, jak w radiowym otoczeniu chłonie on tysiące dźwiękowych strzępków, a następnie wynosi je na taśmach (plikach mp3?), by z tych mikrosampli kleić utwory Nonsensu. Najlepsze jest w tym wszystkim spostrzeżenie, iż uboższe o tę informację ucho (nie tylko) laika nie wyłapałoby w ogóle tego faktu – kompozycje zebrane na „Random…” brzmią w niektórych partiach jak zagrane na żywo, mają swój energiczny puls, bardziej ż y j ą właśnie, niż przypominają pracę układacza elektronicznych puzzli. Świetną ilustracją tej tezy jest perła w całym zestawie, czyli „Transmitting Live From CabeÇa”, gdzie iberyjskie nawijki, skąpany w południowym słońcu bas i anielski kobiecy zaśpiew przenoszą nas wprost na jedyny do tej pory longplay The Avalanches. Niewiele wspomnianemu kawałkowi ustępuje reszta – rozrywany od środka swoją żywiołowością „Oh Long Johnson”, prowadzony chwytliwą partią fortepianu i eteryczną saksofonu „The Last Of The Famous Freaks”, opierający się na kontrapunkcie „Social Suicide”, downtempowy „Me So Unhappy” i cyfrowy „Dots Everywhere Dub”. Bardzo dobra propozycja od DRAW Records, której talia asów składa się tej jesieni jeszcze z debiutu Crab Invasion, nowych nagrań Newest Zealand, Microexpressions, Armando Suzette, zaś za jokera robi longplay supergrupy Manhattan. Licytują mocno!

XXANAXX „Disappear”

XXANAXXOkej, U Know Me Records to zacna marka na polskiej scenie, medialny szum wokół wokalistki XXANAXX Klaudii Szafrańskiej, przecieranie szlaków w NOD i u boku Wojciecha Waglewskiego przez drugą połówkę zespołu Michała Wasilewskiego też pewnie pomogły, ale żeby aż tak? Żeby duet, która dopiero rozpoczął działalność i ma na koncie tylko EP-kę z trzema jedynie autorskimi piosenkami (plus remiksy) grał już supporty przed Hurts, Austrą i skupiał wokół siebie liczną grupę sympatyków? Tak, ale jakie to piosenki i jaki to duet! Niezależenie od tego, czy weźmiemy pod uwagę melancholijne „Broken Hope”, roztkliwiające wyznanie uczucia, które zrodziło się między dwójką osób w „Got U Under” czy otwierające EP-kę „Disappear”, XXANAXX wprowadzają swoje elektroniczne utwory do puli najlepszych polskich tracków, które ukazały się na przestrzeni ostatnich kilkunastu miesięcy. W ogóle, wszędzie, niezależnie od gatunków. Decydują o tym (cóż bardziej banalnego i istotnego w muzyce) przebojowe melodie, ale też i ciepły wokal Klaudii, wymuskane produkcje Michała oraz smak. Poza tym wspomniana dwójka wizerunkowo prezentuje się świetnie i w ich przypadku nie ma miejsca odwrócenie proporcji, jak to często w przypadku rozpoznawalnych artystów bywa, kiedy opakowanie jest lepsze od treści. Oczywiście, można powiedzieć, że stylistyka XXANAXX jest w globalnej skali na tyle już znana, że aż przewidywalna, ale nie da się jednocześnie ukryć, iż są oni gotowym (jakkolwiek źle to brzmi w odniesieniu do ludzi, artystów) produktem. Jeśli tak ma wyglądać „mainstreamowe indie” obstawiające sloty headlinerów dużych festiwali oraz radiowe playlisty popularnych stacji, mogę tylko krzyknąć „nareszcie!”. Swoim potencjałem XXANAXX na pewno do tego stanu rzeczy pretendują, poczekajmy na planowany na 2014 r. longplay – on zweryfikuje, czy wytypowaliśmy trafnie.

Music Alliance Pact październik 2013

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Click the play button icon to listen to individual songs, right-click on the song title to download an mp3, or grab a zip file of the full 29-track compilation through Ge.tt here.

ARGENTINA: Zonaindie
JuaniDéjame Entrar

Juani’s involvement with music began during his teenage years and it hasn’t stopped since. Songwriter, singer, musician, producer, cultural manager… you name it. In between his multiple projects (one of them being involved with Rosario’s biggest independent label Planeta X), Juani managed to pull out a new solo album called La Paz Ciencia (a pun between the words „peace” and „science”), with songs that range from Argentine folk to pop and acoustic rock. Déjame Entrar is our favorite track but you can download the whole thing from the website.

AUSTRALIA: Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
White CavesI’ve Lost

White Caves is the new venture from Melbourne songwriter Darren Cordeux. The former Kisschasy frontman has completely left behind the acoustic teen psyche of 2006 for a much looser sound. I’ve Lost carves a completely uplifting vibe out of sombre song content. Thanks to some clear-cut production, soaring vocals and a vibe that sounds like MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden fronting a slacker-pop band, White Caves is lending a new dimension of fun to typical ‚pop-jams’ right here.

AUSTRIA: Walzerkönig
Amere MeanderSomething I Am Not

Three kindergarten friends form a band and make pop music. Viennese Amere Meander appeared out of nowhere with songs that are sometimes dreamy and sweet, sometimes mysterious and noisy, drawing inspiration from anything from shoegaze to Fleetwood Mac. Always catchy but never unpredictable, Something I Am Not is taken from their debut album To Lead Astray.

BRAZIL: Meio Desligado
Karol ConkaBoa Noite

Karol Conka, an artist on the rise in the Brazilian hip hop scene, caught the media’s attention with her first singles and this year she released her debut album. Boa Noite is one of its best tracks, with a strong beat and African vocal melodies. This song is also included in the FIFA 2014 game, alongside the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Portugal. The Man and Disclosure.

CANADA: Quick Before It Melts
Twin LibraryThere’s Always An End

Edmonton, Alberta’s Twin Library are chemists, experimenting and tweaking the formula that results in their incredibly sophisticated and sonically rich songs. They are prolific recorders and their latest release, They Were Marked As Targets, is their finest collection of unconventional pop yet.

CHILE: Super 45
Bronko YotteBruma

After a three-year break, MC and producer Bronko Yotte (Felipe Berríos) gets back on track with a new album, Con Eso Te Digo Todo, released through Dilema Industria. On its 22 tracks, Bronko Yotte offers profound considerations about the system’s incongruities, social relations and working life, without losing his sharpness and sense of humor. Bruma features Jamez Manuel (Zonora Point).

COLOMBIA: El Parlante Amarillo
La Chiva GantivaPara Arriba

The story of La Chiva Gantiva began in Brussels with a group of young Colombians who started playing percussion together. Driven by a desire to assert their roots, they started to blend Colombian rhythms with other styles of music such as rock, Afrobeat and funk. Today they are preparing their second album Vivo and we can enjoy, in advance, Para Arriba, a song about inspiration.

DENMARK: All Scandinavian
Charlie CampariBass Vampires

Music is good for much, but in the case of Charlie Campari it’s a lifesaver. It’s what keeps him off the needle and his first solo release, Moon Cricket EP, tackles his demons and past life on the streets of Copenhagen and several overdoses – three of them fatal – on a backdrop of acidic blues reminiscing Lou Reed, early Beck and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Check out MAP exclusive download Bass Vampires and the cool video for single Monkey King.

Carolina CamachoNinfa De Las Aguas

Carolina Camacho’s voice is truly one of a kind, but she leaves nothing to chance. After many years of intense lyrical training, she’s been a part of various local musical acts such as SonAbril and Camacho. Recently she’s gone solo, dedicating herself to exploring the worlds of vocal jazz, roots music and feminine empowerment on her newest single Ninfa De Las Aguas. Her first album Atabey is out on October 16.

ECUADOR: Plan Arteria
Mamá Soy DementeSalsa De Marte

Mamá Soy Demente, a Guayaquilean duo formed by Dennis Darquea and Carlos Bohórquez, present their new single Salsa De Marte. The track, which plays with the idea of making a rock song with salsa influence, is part of their live album Mamá Soy Demente (En Vivo).

ENGLAND: Drowned In Sound
Annie EveElvis (Live at Sofar Birmingham)

Sometimes the ache drips down the side of a song. Annie Eve is from north London and has quietly begun building a fanbase. DiS recently saw this impressive young lady headline a sold-out church venue for those pulse-fingering folksters Communion Records. She takes a dab of influence from Bon Iver but casts her own shadow over these gentle sad-songs whilst her voice wows. If you fell under Daughter’s spell in 2012/13 then you’ll likely be obsessed with Annie Eve in 2014.

ESTONIA: Rada7.ee
Imandra LakeMetsatants

Imandra Lake is the new project of Rein Fuks and Eve Komp of Tallinn band Pia Fraus, and follows a similar indie-shoegaze line but it’s all fresh and they sing in Estonian. Imandra Lake’s sound is noisy and reverberant but less pop and quite tranquil and deep, reaching even the boundaries of the darker side of folk. Metsatants is a new track from their forthcoming second album which continues the same warm sound.

Gim KordonEi Ole Helppoo (early demo version)

If J Mascis knew Finnish he would probably sound like the guys in Gim Kordon. This punk-rock trio, the first Finnish-language signing to hip label Soliti, is readying a debut album for next spring. As a first taste here’s a raw and noisy early demo of Ei Ole Helppoo. The chorus is very catchy, so don’t fear the language and sing along.

GREECE: Mouxlaloulouda

Dalot is the creative alias of Maria Papadomanolaki. Ancestors EP, which was inspired by her grandfather’s old photographs, is a reconstruction of fragments, not concerned with the accuracy of images and moments but with opening up the flood of memory mechanics to imagination and transformation. The songs of the EP reveal a cascade of emotions and offer an exploration of texture and atmosphere, as physical instruments merge with subtle electro-acoustic ambience and ethereal turbulences. The haunting title track features Izumi Suzuki’s angelic vocals.

HoirongBajrang Bali

Guitarist Kamal Singh of erstwhile Bangalore post-rock act Lounge Piranha has struck gold with his newest side-project Hoirong. His debut album, The Resurrection Of The Princess Of Woe And Her Vampire Hound Posse, is not only a mouthful of a title but a grungy, raw record recorded wholly on a laptop mic, spanning from disco-punk to noise-rock, with lo-fi production and a dark sense of humor. The album is Singh’s ode to the 90s alternative music scene and definitely wins over fans of dirtier, lo-fi music.

INDONESIA: Deathrockstar
Puti ChitaraSarsaparilla Dream

Jakarta singer-songwriter Puti Chitara makes beautiful pop songs with sweet arrangements. She recently won a contest at A Exchange to support the recording of her debut album.

ITALY: Polaroid
Green Like JulyMoving To The City

Produced by A.J. Mogis (Saddle Creek Records) and recorded in the Arc Studios in Omaha, Nebraska, Build A Fire is the third album by Green Like July. Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes and Jake Bellows of Neva Dinova, among others, collaborated on various songs. Green Like July have their roots in American tradition but they can evoke the magic of classic Beatles melodies.

JAPAN: Make Believe Melodies
Hisamokuden-Kow.Our Song

Hisamokuden-Kow. calls the relatively relaxed prefecture of Tochigi, a few hours north of Tokyo, home. It is not a place one expects a busy track like Our Song to emerge from, all skittery beats and manipulated vocals tumbling over one another in an almost cartoon fashion. Yet despite how crowded it can get, it retains a catchiness throughout. Not bad, Tochigi.

MALTA: Stagedive Malta
FellowFishThe Outlaw

Hailing from Valletta, Lyon and New York, FellowFish find themselves on the tiny Mediterranean island of Gozo (Malta’s sister island). FellowFish is made up of lead singer and writer Keith Anthony, Christophe Ladret on percussion/drums and Kristian Vella on guitars. Their self-titled debut album, released earlier this year, has a mix of influences, ranging from Al Jarreau’s smooth groove to Jeff Buckley’s melancholic melodies.

MEXICO: Red Bull Panamérika

Pop-folk flavoured with coconut milk, composed using flip-flops and lying on a hammock by the palm trees. Caloncho comes from the sun-drenched city of Guadalajara and is known for wearing flowery Hawaiian shirts on stage and throwing bananas to the front rows. His debut Fruta EP has some juicy, fruity tunes that combine a vintage Tex-Mex rock ‚n’ roll from the likes of Ritchie Valens but also squeezes a hint of reggae on the mix. Palmar, first single and video, is an invitation to lay by a topless brunette on a Mexican beach and sway oblivious from the real world.

Víctor HugoLima Es Nuestra

After the separation of promising band Mi Jardín Secreto, singer Víctor Hugo Vargas began to release his own singles, preparing the way for the arrival of debut album El Primer Disco De Víctor Hugo, available for free from his website. Lima Es Nuestra is about a farewell and other reflections, narrated under the same nostalgic sky of the city where he lives, Lima.

POLAND: Łukasz Kuśmierz Weblog
We Draw ATears From The Sun

So here’s autumn again and it’s hard to imagine a better anthem for those days than Tears From The Sun. Although the electro-pop duo only appeared on the Polish scene this year, We Draw A founder Pete Levy is known from Indigo Tree, a guitar-oriented band who recorded two LPs and gathered some underground fame from 2009-2011. We Draw A are recording for the Brennnessel label.

PORTUGAL: Posso Ouvir Um Disco?
Tape JunkNo Romance Without Finance

João Correia, an accomplished singer-songwriter, musician and also a drummer for friends’ bands, had his first entry in MAP in December 2011, but as Julie & The Carjackers. This time he visits us with another project, Tape Junk, who recently released debut album The Good & The Mean, where No Romance Without Finance comes from. The song is backed with this vídeo.

PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico Indie

Bando is a new collaborative effort between veteran musicians of Puerto Rico’s rock scene, including Agustín Criollo (Astrid Pröll) and Gaby Vidal (ONGO, Similar), focussed on exploring the music of the African diaspora through the classic and revolutionary Afrobeat sound. The group follows Fela Kuti into fertile territories for musical exploration such as bomba and Afro-American funk, inviting us to lose ourselves in dance without shying away from political lyrics that reflect the island’s struggles. Bando are currently recording their debut, and have graciously offered us eight-minute scorcher Serembé as a MAP exclusive download.

ROMANIA: Babylon Noise
Fine It’s PinkSky Is No Limit (Intro)

Fine It’s Pink are new to the music scene but they are growing up fast. Although you can’t put a finger on one genre, you can clearly hear post-rock, indie, electronic and strong psychedelic influences. Sky Is No Limit is their statement song, the one that takes you into their world of dreams. You can hear more of this world on SoundCloud.

There Will Be FireworksRoots

If anyone could be held up as a glowing example of the ‚less is more’ approach it’s There Will Be Fireworks. Four long years after the release of their acclaimed self-titled debut album, Scotland’s reclusive princes of guitar-rock reverie have finally announced details of its successor, The Dark, Dark Bright, out on November 25 through Comets & Cartwheels. The album finds the group in a masterful embrace of the grandiose and the graceful – MAP exclusive download Roots falls into the latter category as the tenderest of tender acoustic compositions.

SOUTH KOREA: Korean Indie
TearlinerStrange Intimacy

The mid-00s offered Korean indie-pop at its very finest with Tearliner as one of the key artists. Eight years after his first full-length, Tearliner returned with the Grey Garden album last month showcasing a more polished sound than the lo-fi productions he would previously offer. Strange Intimacy is a pretty, slow-paced, dreamy piece perfectly combining the best of both the old and new Tearliner.

UNITED STATES: We Listen For You
Jared BartmanGarden Gate

Jared Bartman crafts majestic songs that twist pop elements around a sensitive core stabilized by occasional adventurous flourishes. Bartman’s music can act as a backdrop for a smooth listen or something to be studied with the headphones fastened tight. Either way, Bartman is a must-listen for everyone.

VENEZUELA: Música y Más
Laura GuevaraEl Constructor (live)

Laura Guevara is a young woman who has everything – she is a singer, songwriter, artist, actress and audiovisual director, besides having a melodious voice that impressed attendees of last year’s Virgen Fest. She currently has a live EP out while she puts the finishing touches to her debut album.